Vodpod Theme - Press75 Free Wordpress Theme

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Vodpod Theme - Press75 Free Wordpress Theme

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A fully featured and free video WordPress theme which works seamlessly with Vodpod.com.

Why Vdpod?

Why Vdpod? Vodpod.com a video bookmarking service that makes it incredibly easy to collect video from literally thousands of sites on the web. Their simple but powerful bookmarklet tool lets you “collect” a video with just a click, and they have an assortment of other tools for collecting videos (including meta-search). When you collect a video, Vodpod fetches the embed code and makes a thumbnail for the video automatically, saving both time and hassle of adding an embed code and creating a thumbnail for the video. With the new Vodpod WordPress theme, you can set up your free Vodpod account to post video automatically to your Vodpod WordPress theme (you can set up Vodpod to publish videos in draft form, so you can make further edits to the text), allowing you to publish videos you find with just a few keystrokes.

A Powerful Video WordPress Theme

Not a Vodpod user… not a problem. The Vodpod WordPress theme works perfect as a stand-alone theme as well and is packaged with all the same video publishing tools that power my other Video centric themes. These tools include the “Simple Video Embedder” and “Simple Post Thumbnails” plugins which can be used to publish any video format with ease. The Vodpod theme also includes several Press75.com exclusive sidebar widgets for managing advertisements and featured content.



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