Unirgy Umarketplace for Magento 2 Nulled

By Barut on Thu, 2017/03/02 1:17435 views 3Requests

I was trying to find this marketplace module for magento 2. It was very difficult to find it. I checked its demo and i see that its vendor admin panel is not easy to use for my potensial vendors. I talked to some of magento developers and they recommend me another marketplace module for magento 2. I checked it and i see that it is powerfull, easy to use, customisable as you want. I decided to buy them and i paid a lot of money for main module and its addons. I'm looking 4 person who want to share the cost of marketplace module and its addons. I will provide updates and support for them. If you are looking for a good marketplace solution for magento 2, iI recommend the one i have instead of unirgy umarketplace.

If you are interested, contact me then I can give you more details.

my email: barutchao@yahoo.com

best regards.



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  2. 2017-03-23 0:36

    Thank you Barut, He provided me a good marketplace module as he promised. Working great... If you want to
    save your money money, contact him. I recommend him... Pedro from Brasil

  3. 2017-03-05 23:27
    Unirgy uMarketplace Nulled

    Unirgy uMarketplace Suite nulled available. this is one of the greatest marketplace solution for magento. I
    have some more magento modules. Contact me and lets discuss advantages and disadvantages of
    them. magentooo@yahoo.com

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