ThemeForest - Invictus v.2.4 - A Premium Photographer Portfolio Theme

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ThemeForest - Invictus v.2.4 - A Premium Photographer Portfolio Theme

Invictus is a Fullsize Image and Video WordPress-theme for photographer or creatives. You can use Invictus just the way you like.The possibilities are endless! Its optimal for photographers, digital artists, designer or even private persons, who want to present their images and videos in a unique Way.




  1. 2013-03-05 3:35

    FUCK OFF Author of Invictus Theme

  2. 2012-10-06 20:55

    good post nad business continuity solutions nice blog

  3. 2012-10-06 19:00

    @doitmaxI understand your frustration but you may look at this at a different angle: it's a way of
    getting free advertising.Personally, I've downloaded a few themes and sometimes used them to show to
    customers. Whenever the customer chooses a template and awards me the project, I buy the license and make a
    clean install: it's just too risky to use one of these scripts in a production site, you never know the
    malware that can be included, and one usually needs some kind of support. The licence fee is pretty fair if
    you are in a commercial project.Showcasing the theme to the customer directly from themeforest or whatever
    template club is just not an option. Also, you don't provide a temporary free licence for showcasing and
    it's just not feasible to buy a lot of templates just for showcasing.So, I imagine there are some people
    here that would just use your theme for free. They would never buy it from you anyway. But also believe there
    will be more people like me, so in the end what you get is a way of getting some free publicity for your theme
    and some extra sales.I understand this may not be your mindset, but in the end it's what you get.Just my
    five cents....

  4. 2012-10-03 5:52

    i really like the full size background i can use this for my photographers clientsthanks newone for this
    great template!

  5. 2012-10-03 5:45

    @Anonymous (sweet cowardly little boy without a name)Common, don't talk to me, if you
    don't have the courage to post a name. It's really pathetic. Take the theme, install it, and be happy
    to have a theme for "free". You will never achieve something in your life anyway, so enjoy those
    little things. I am glad i could make a poor soul happy. admin, again, please remove those links.

  6. 2012-10-03 5:30

    please shut up doitmax, rocks! i just downloaded it for free and installed
    it!! Thanks for the template!!

  7. 2012-10-03 5:22

    You may not redistribute the link to download this theme, not matter what purpose. I do not care for what
    purpose you post links or not. If you did not buy the link, don't share it. I am the author and i do not
    allow to share those links for ANY purpose. Did I make myself clear? I will go ahead for further legal steps
    now. Remove the links to download the theme.Have a nice day! doitmax

  8. 2012-10-02 17:19

    hi doitmax, the themes are for learning purpose. And the files arent stored on the website of

  9. 2012-10-02 16:46

    You do not have the permission to share this theme for free. Please remove this item immediately and all
    links referring, otherwise I am forced to take further steps.doitmax, Author of Invictus Theme

  10. 2012-09-29 5:10

    Great one! Thanks again!

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