TerraForum - bbPress Forum Addon for EcoPro

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TerraForum - bbPress Forum Addon for EcoPro

主题名称: TerraForum v2.0.0商业版权: PageLines详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

TerraForum is a matching bbPress discussion forum designed only for EcoPro. It is built for integration, easy setup and to give you all the forum features you need. It’s perfect for building a community of customers, users or readers on your site.

bbPress is open-source forum software by the creators of WordPress and it integrates seamlessly with PageLines themes.

Why you’ll love TerraForum

* Manage posts and categories easily through the admin or ‘live’ on the site * Uses files from WhiteHousePro for consistency across your site * Integrates seamlessly with WordPress users and login * Options for tags, sidebar, and custom CSS * Easily add Advertisements in forum sidebar * Native Gravatar support * Full browser compliance * Professionally designed graphics * Add plugins for additional options



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