Suvi - Gabfire Wordpress Theme

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Suvi - Gabfire Wordpress Theme

主题名称: Suvi v2.35商业版权: GabfireThemes详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Suvi Magazine is easy to use yet professional style of WordPress theme which enhances users viewing whilst maintaining it’s easy to customize qualities. By compacting information by the use of Ajax tabs, excerpts and Flickr, the Suvi Magazine WordPress theme creates the illusion of space whilst actually giving the visitor a high density of information in a well formatted style. The Suvi Magazine WP theme also has featured area, which uses Ajax tabs, giving a wider amount of information in a compact space.


* Translation template which makes it possible to translate into any language easily. * Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically resize photos for main page thumbnailing. * Integrated Theme Settings page to tweak the layout through WordPress admin dashboard. * Built in Banner Management * 6 different color schemes * Auto Image resize for front page thumbnails * A drop down navigation, giving the theme a more website and professional feel whilst highly advancing the users navigation and maintaining its easy modification, * A well structured code which can be edited easily through CSS, * The before mentioned featured area, which uses ajax tabs, giving a wider amount of information in a compact space, * The easy to change video post on the sidebar tab allows for full site wide viewing * Add and search engine optimized * Lastly, the specially designed custom video template page creates a variety among the theme which shows a further professional point, giving the user a less monotonous viewing. (820.0 KB)


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