Refraction - RocketTheme Drupal Theme

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Refraction - RocketTheme Drupal Theme

主题名称: Refraction版权所有: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Refraction is a theme to inspire and amaze. Utilising transparent overlays over professional and artistic background images produces staggering results, all matched with the perfect colour combination. Its easy to radically change the design with just an image and colour.

Features and Screenshots

* Javascript Styling * Core Drupal Overrides * Transparent Design * Source Ordered Layout * Multi-column Menu * RokMoomenu, Suckerfish, Splitmenu menus * 10 Preset Styles * 28 Block Regions * W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid

Source Ordered Layout

Refraction continues the latest trend of SEO optimised themes. The layout of the theme has been constructed differently to the norm. A typical theme, in regards to the mainbody source, will load the left column first, then the right column and finally the main column (where your main articles are loaded). Refraction takes a different approach and loads the main column code before the left and right columns. Therefore, this theme loads in this order: Header, Menu, Showcase, Main Column, Left Column, Right Column, Bottom, Footer. This is perfect for SEO purposes as the search crawlers will find your main content before your subsidiary content in your side columns. This is a major step forward and will improve your search engine results for your pages.



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