Q Gallery Pro: v1.5.1 Joomla - Facebook Gallery Component

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Q Gallery Pro: v1.5.1 Joomla - Facebook Gallery Component

Q Gallery Pro: v1.5.1 Joomla - Facebook Gallery Component For Joomla 1.5+

QGalleryPro - Facebook gallery allows users to create and manage their own albums and photos that they have kept in Facebook embed to their site. Compared to the free version of the plugin, QGalleryPro offers the same ease of use but many additional features, including : Import albums, photos from facebook fan pages, Automatic load images from facebook if it added via facebook, Local album links to facebook album, Support via forum, email, Component, module(show latest images or from an album), document and more!

We use Ajax to load and show the photos as a dramatic improvement enhancing the speed loading, effective connection and interactive with Facebook. You do not need to leave site to view Facebook photos. You can share pics, leave comments, rate photos and each photo can be shown in a higher resolution by clicking on the picture, all still within your site.

In addition, admin is able to set how many thumbnails to show in the Gallery. Users can both import albums, photos from personal facebook account and facebook fan pages which is a very good tool to have handy when you need to create photo shows for your own or as a business service . Also the component's user interface is very smart and easy to learn. And you have full control over the layout of the slideshow and can easily style it to suit your needs.






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    nice work really appreciate please version2.5

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  9. 2012-07-27 14:26

    please VERSION 2.5 thanks a lot for your efforts ,,thumbs up

  10. 2012-07-09 4:54

    Does it work for fan page ? if yes, please guide how in steps Thanks

  11. 2012-07-09 4:52

    Does it work for a fan page ? if yes please guide how in steps

  12. 2012-06-26 0:34

    don t work in J.2.5

  13. 2012-06-02 5:39

    doesnt work in any browser, chrome - ie, or mozilla - cant create a new album - cant import
    other albums - this does not work

  14. 2012-05-30 4:45

    sounds like a virus.. and that guy gave it to ya'll

  15. 2012-05-29 1:28

    Doesn't work in 2.5 no matter what clown says it does. Ugh...

  16. 2012-05-25 20:29

    Uninstalling too in 2.7 and 1.7 doesn't work

  17. 2012-05-23 20:37

    Uninstalling, it doesn't work in J2.5

  18. 2012-05-22 8:48

    The component is working fine with 2.5. In face this is the latest release as well. You guys have
    something wrong or incompatibility with some other components,modules or plugins.. Thank you for the post and
    keep 'em coming

  19. 2012-05-16 21:26

    While it will install in J2.5, it doesn't work. It even says it's for J1.5 after installing. The
    current version is 1.5.6. If anyone has that, please share. Thanks.

  20. 2012-05-16 15:34

    Please version Joomla 2.5

  21. 2012-05-16 8:38

    for what version of joomla compatible???

  22. 2012-05-16 7:46

    No saben cuanto lo busque gracias por compartilo saludos

  23. 2012-05-16 6:49

    Thank you.. been looking for this..

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