Optimus - JoomlaShack Drupal Theme

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Optimus - JoomlaShack Drupal Theme

模板名称: Optimus

版权所有: JoomlaShack

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Optimus: FREE Drupal Theme

Optimus is a template designed with special attention to typography & usability. Optimus is easy on the eyes and intuitive to navigate – A great template for small and medium sized sites. It's packed full of features and you can download it free of charge!

Features List

* Enhanced Typography Styles

* Graphic or Text Header Option with SEO Enhancements

* Dynamic Header Scaling & Sizing

* Integrated Support for transparent PNG images

* 5 Module Positions

* 4 Module Styles

* Parameterized Template Widths fixed 1024 | fixed 800 | fluid

* Backend Custom Column Widths Parameter

Some Drupal themes are fast becoming overloaded with widgets and code bloat. Optimus is a refreshingly clean Drupal theme that let's your all important content speak for your site, and not get buried under a distracting theme. Built to be SEO-optimized, fast-loading and powerful, Optimus will bring a professional finish to your site.



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