Massive Press - Press75 Free Wordpress Theme

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Massive Press - Press75 Free Wordpress Theme

主题名称: MassivePress v1.8版权所有: Press75演示地址: Live Demo

Just as promised, the WordPress theme is now available for download. I updated the theme to make it fully compatible with WordPress 2.5 as well as added a few other features including a fully automated “Featured Article” section within the second sidebar, integrated recent comments and a few other little things.

About The Theme

As mentioned before, will be transitioning to a new concept I have been working on, but the theme should live on. MassivePress is a 3 column widget enabled WordPress theme featuring a thumbnail based posting style which gives you the ability to get more content in front of your users in a way that is clean and organized. Continue reading below for some simple usage instructions and to download the MassivePress WordPress theme.Writing a Post

Writing a post is pretty standard business with the MassPress WordPress theme. The only thing you really have to do different than usual is create a thumbnail for each post that you make which will be displayed on the front page of your site. Just create an image (140px square) and upload it, then create a custom field called “thumbnail” and paste the location to your post thumbnail in the value field (i.e. “ Thats it… you’re done… categorize and publish your post as usual to finish up.Featured Articles

Using the featured article photo quilt located in the second sidebar is easier than you might think. All you have to do is create a category called “Featured”. Any post you categorize as “Featured” will automatically be displayed in the featured article photo quilt. This section displays the latest 9 articles categorized as featured.Update Your Tagline

The welcome text displayed on the front page only (right above the featured article photo quilt) can be changed by editing your tagline within your WordPress settings. Just write a simple line or two explaining what your site is about.Three Unique Sidebars

I have wigitized the first sidebar of the theme which can be changed using the WordPress widgets settings within your site admin. There are actually 3 unique sidbars that can be configured individually including the “Index Sidebar”, “Post Sidebar” and “Page Sidebar”. This allows you to fully customize what your users see on every page of your site. Please keep in mind that that if you use widgets, the default sidebar will be replaced.Change Your Logo

I have included the source “logo.png” file that was used to create the original logo within this theme package. All you have to do is edit the logo to your liking, and export it in standard *.jpg format. When you are finished, replace the logo.jpg file located in the “images” folder of the theme with your new logo. The font used for the logo is “Arno Pro”.



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