JD Limoni - Multi-purpose Drupal Theme

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JD Limoni - Multi-purpose Drupal Theme

模板名称: Limoni商业版权: JoomlArt详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

JD Limoni is here for the September month, sporting a perfect slideshow with ample space for text and images. Complimentary modules such as JD tabs, JD Slideshow or JD Highslide module for image gallery spice up the display. Themed for an all purpose usage, can be easily restructured for almost any kind of site, just replace the demo images with your own images & content and you are ready to go live.

Come, fall in love with JD Limoni, running on our very own unique JD T3 framework, with 8 vibrant colors, Live demo is worth looking at.

Built-in Modules

JD Tabs

Allow to display content (blocks, nodes, static content or taxonomy) in a space efficient manner and navigate through one or more stacked panes of content without refreshing the page. The tab elements are highly configurable.

JD Highslide

Implement an elegant Javascript image, media and gallery viewer. It turns your clustered content items (i.e. image, iframe, ajax, flash, html…) into lightweight but professional showcase, with full styling configuration.

JD Slideshow

Allows you to easily display a folder of images, without having to worry about or understand the best way of resizing files for screen size or download filesize. Beautiful animation effects, with inline text-embeded description are inbuilt for easy configuration.

Download: jd_limoni.zip



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