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扩展名称: IceAccordion

商业版权: Icetheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

IceAccordion is a simple yet powerful module based on the popular Mootools library. It can display a set of article in an accordion way. It should be used when the vertical space is limited and you have a large number of articles. As all our modules, IceAccordion is accessible and usable, mean that if in any case Javascript is disabled on the user's browser the articles are displayed normally without any problem.

The IceAccordin Module is redistributed under the GPL license, so is free for use but note also that for all our Joomla Extensions we provide support from our Forums

Unique Features

* Ability to load articles pertaining to a category

* Ability to load articles from individual articles IDs

* Select from 3 available theme options.

* Ability to show/hide the readmore button



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