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The outstanding success of News Show GK2 through all Joomla comunity, fully exceeded our expectations and it's popularity increases even more our ambitions. GavickPro Team thanks you all! and for the huge News Show acclamation, what's betterto honor all you guys out there? So, times up! We invite you to advance to level 3.

Free your Website from limitations and win perfect control of content, news and articles displayment in Joomla!1.5. Released exclusively for the first time along with our Aumi August 2008 Template, finally the Gavick News Show GK3 is out! and available for free to amaze even more.

With more options available, with different languages translation support, most friendly administration and possible integration with our PhotoSlide GK2 component by using a specific plugin, News Show GK3 becomes that unique and indispensable tool. It's fabulous capabilities well recognized, the most powerful and universal joomla content display module, will enriches your web site in a way that no other can.

So, how do you like to show your news?... Well, no matter which way, News Show GK3 will have that perfect solution! Just pick one... or as many you like.


* Joomla 1.5 native.

* Content control display from any section, category or articles ID's.

* Horizontal and vertical news presentation (columns and rows configuration).

* Show text, image, author, date, section/category name and button "read more" option, with order customization.

* News amount sorted by date, order, random or hits.

* Use of multiple modules on same page with unique ID configuration.

* Tools panel - font size and amount of news control.

* Timezones adjustment, date format and native language of month / days customization.

* Different language translation support included.

* Partnership with PhotoSlide GK2 (naturally, you need to install the PhotoSlide GK2 to use this respective plugin).

* On/Off front page articles display in modules.

* Clean (X)HTML in content.

* Easy and friendly administration.


* Used Javascript Framework: Mootools.

* New technique of assets JavaScripts files.

* Option for compressed engine script use.

* Fully compatible: Firefox, IE7, Opera 9.5, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+.



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