D4J - User Sync v1.0

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D4J User Sync Joomla! extension allows you to import users from CSV file to Joomla! user database and, vice versa, export users from the database to CSV file. You can define your own rule and hence make User Sync to process virtually all kind of CSV file.

Besides of definition custom processing rule you can define series of other parameters such as fields termination symbol, fields enclosing symbol, etc. This can really expand the amount of CSV file types you are able to process.One of the hottest feature is the possibility of definition processing rule for any available user types including those which were installed by third-party component. You just need to define corresponding pair CSV User Group <=> Joomla User Group and User Sync will do its job.And finally, you can filter users to be imported and exported by their user type, name, username and email. That allows you, for example, to generate a CSV file of all users from some system, but to import only users of Administrator group to Joomla.All these features made User Sync exceptional solution for user synchronization between Joomla! CMS and others. Let’s take a closer look at User Sync features.



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