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Congress Forum - bbPress Forum Addon for WhiteHousePro

主题名称: Congress Forum v2.0.0商业版权: PageLines详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

The Congress Forum is a matching discussion forum based on bbPress designed to work exclusively with WhiteHousePro. It is built for integration, easy setup and to give you all the forum features you need. It’s perfect for building a community of customers, users or readers on your site.

BBPress is open-source forum software by the creators of WordPress and it integrates seamlessly with PageLines themes.

As with all PageLines products this addon is easy to customize, well-supported and simple to setup.

Why you’ll love the Congress Forum Addon

* Manage posts and categories easily through the admin or ‘live’ on the site * Uses files from WhiteHousePro for consistency across your site * Integrates seamlessly with WordPress users and login * Options for tags, sidebar, and custom CSS * Easily add Advertisements in forum sidebar * Native Gravatar support * Full browser compliance * Professionally designed graphics * Add plugins for additional options (521.74 KB)



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    those factors resulted in us making the decision to make a change.'' Carmody ranks among the most
    successful coaches at Northwestern with a 192-210 record. With their Princeton offense and 1-3-1
    zone defense, the Wildcats usually were able to hang with more talented teams even if they came up short. But
    the lack of an NCAA berth ultimately did him in. The change comes on the heels of a particularly difficult
    season in which the Wildcats lost their final nine games to finish 13-19 and missed the postseason after
    four straight NIT appearances, an unprecedented run for Northwestern. ''It was really tough. It was a
    tough decision,'' Phillips said. ''Bill's a terrific person, and he did a terrific job
    here. As I mentioned twice, he's elevated our basketball program. But you have to go back to their being a
    better destination. Certainly, there's some inherent risks in that, but it was time for a
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    facilities that lag behind the rest of the Big Ten, not to mention one big albatross. That would be the lack
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    intramurals. New locker rooms, weight rooms, sports medicine facilities, meeting rooms and offices are also
    part of the plan, along with a new parking structure. But there are no concrete plans to renovate or rebuild
    Welsh-Ryan Arena. ''It's sort of like an arms race,'' Carmody said after the
    season-ending loss. ''So the gap might be widening that way. But I feel like we have done a pretty
    good job of bringing in some pretty good players and getting better.'' Northwestern posted its two
    winningest seasons under Carmody, going 20-14 in 2009-10 and 2010-11, and earned their first
    national ranking in 41 years when they cracked the AP poll at No. 25 in December 2009. The dismissal came
    during the Big Ten tournament at nearby United Center, and Carmody's colleagues were quick to come to his
    defense. ''Bill Carmody maybe has the best offensive mind of any coach I've ever seen in my
    lifetime,'' Ohio State coach Thad Matta said. ''He's been the most unlucky with injuries
    just in my time. It's amazing to see the things that have happened to his teams, and they've happened
    in such a timely fashion. Who can win and keep coaching those guys and stay competitive with what he lost this
    year? It's mind-boggling.'' There was speculation that Carmody would be fired a year ago, but
    Phillips decided not to make a change. He finally made the call after a season in which the Wildcats were
    short-handed. Guard JerShon Cobb was suspended for his junior season for violating team policy, a major
    blow considering he started 33 games his first two years, and the big hits kept coming. Forward Drew Crawford
    had season-ending surgery in December to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder, leaving the Wildcats
    without their second-leading scorer. The Wildcats had another key player go down when Jared Swopshire
    (9.7 points per game) suffered a season-ending injury to his right knee in a loss at Iowa on Feb.
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