BaseStation Forum - bbPress Forum Addon for StationPro

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BaseStation Forum - bbPress Forum Addon for StationPro

主题名称: BaseStation Forum v1.1.0商业版权: PageLines详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

The BaseStation Forum is a matching discussion forum based on BBPress designed to work exclusively with StationPro. It is built for integration, easy setup and to give you all the forum features you need. It’s perfect for building a community of customers, users or readers on your site.

bbPress is open-source forum software by the creators of WordPress and it integrates seamlessly with PageLines themes.

As with all PageLines products this addon is easy to customize, well-supported and simple to setup.

Why you’ll love the Congress Forum Addon…

* Manage posts and categories easily through the admin or ‘live’ on the site * Uses files from StationPro for consistency across your site * Integrates seamlessly with WordPress users and login * Options for tags, sidebar, and custom CSS * Easily add Advertisements in forum sidebar * Native Gravatar support * Full browser compliance * Professionally designed graphics * Add plugins for additional options (523.25 KB)



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