AdminPraise Lite - Free GPL Joomla! Admin Template

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The Fastest Joomla! Admin Template

AdminPraise Lite is a super lightweight Joomla! administrator panel template. Intelligent shortcuts, logical placement, and customization combine to bring you a totally optimized Joomla! experience.


Totally Free & GPL

This is our gift to the Joomla! community, enjoy.


AdminPraise Lite blows away other Joomla! admin templates in overall speed, size, and performance.

5 Color Themes

5 slick preconfigured themes, which can be assigned globally or just for you!

Color Overrides

Start with one of the 5 themes, and tweak to your liking.

Elastic Layout

Using the latest in dynamic widths, AdminPraise Lite fits your monitor nicely.

Switch or Hide Sidebar

Switch the sidebar from left to right, or totally turn it off.

Quick Add

Quickly add an item to all the core components.


Quickly jump back to the recently traveled pages.

Last Page Memory

If your session runs out, you'll be redirected to the last attempted page when you log back in.

Included Admin Modules

AP Lite

This module includes all the possible shortcut icon links you could need!

Session Bar

An animated bar that counts down as your session dwindles.

My Editor

An AJAX dropdown to quickly change your active text editor.

User Activity Stream

Track the activity of your backend administrators.



  1. 2010-11-22 20:14

    yes it is......diz iz useless....i can get the latest on their site!

  2. 2009-08-22 18:21

    Thanks for sharing! Is this same download free off their website as well?

  3. 2009-08-22 14:53

    thanks for sharing. great job!

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