Youfash - Joomla Fashion Template

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Youfash - Joomla Fashion Template

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Month of June Joomla Template YouFash is perfect solution for your next fashion website. With custom Font Squirrel CSS styles this template typography will make your website unique and stylish. Unique magazine like layout, 2 color contrasts , 8 CSS styles and custom styles for Youscene news slider , Yj Newsflash Ultimate , YJ Multitabs , YJ Tag Cloud , YJ Newsflash 7.0 and YJ Newsflash 5.0 modules your have enough space to present your content attract your visitors.

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100% Tableless design XHTML Valid CSS Valid JS Valid 508 Valid SEO features build in YjSimpleGrid powered 51 collapsible module positions PSD files included Joomla 1.5 template Joomla 1.6 template CSS dropdown menu SMooth dropdown menu Split menu 16 CSS styles combos Flexible frontpage layout Native RTL Support Server side Compression Demo Starter Extra Typography styles IE6 png fix Adjustable width



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