Prime - July 2010 Joomla Template

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Prime - July 2010 Joomla Template

模板名称: Prime

商业版权: JoomAce

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Prime is the first template release from We are very excited to make this template available to Joomla users everywhere. Prime uses the Enkindle framework, a framework designed to make your template's functionality strong and the interface easy to manage!


Enkindle Framework

The Enkindle Framework is a template structure that provides a solid foundation and easy to customize parameters for your template. You can easily adjust the layout, width and color theme of a Enkindle Framework Template. It also has a number of useful attributes built in, such as built-in links to many popular social networks and sharing methods. The Enkindle Framework also includes the "Featured Module Position" the most versatile module position ever. Continue for the full description.

Easy to customize, user friendly parameters

The Prime template is really easy to work with. The template themes, module parameters, social links and more can all be easily controlled from the template administrator parameters.

Built-in Functions

Social Networking Links

In today's online culture, social networking and sharing is key to a successful website. We've included everything you need at the top of your pages. Fill out the relevant information information and turn on the icon from the back end template parameters. Some of the icons will link your users to your other accounts in places like facebook and twitter. Other icons are there to let your users share a link on social networks that they frequent.

SEO layout

Prime has been built with an Search Engine Optimized layout. This means that displaying your module data to search engines first, the content is seen first. Search engines like Google and Bing are going to base your site's position on your content instead of some of the more perimeter information that would be in your left and right modules.

Versatile Module Posistions

Featured Module Position, the most versatile module position ever

The featured module position is near the top of the template. It is unique because you can specify up to five rows and five columns. That's 25 modules! You can specify a different number of rows for each column. An example might be, a column with four modules, a column with one column and a third column with two modules. This six modules in three columns. There are tons of different combinations you could come up with, two, two, three and four. One, two, one, two and one.

Horizontal or vertical modules

Many of the module positions in Prime can hold multiple modules. The way that those modules layout within the module position can be modified in your template parameters.

Modules can be set layout horizontally or vertically, meaning they will set next to each other in a horizontal row or set on top of each other in a vertical column. You can also control the spacing of your modules when arranged horizontally. We call this setting the emphasis. They can be set to space out evenly, to have a larger module set to the left or a larger module set to the right.



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