IT Newsy 2 - February 2011 Joomla Template

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IT Newsy 2 - February 2011 Joomla Template

模板名称: Newsy 2

商业版权: Icetheme

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

Your website loading-time is one of our main concerns when we built our Premium Joomla Templates. With the IT Newsy 2 we have gone a step further by improving this important factor. Using the latest technologies that are at our hands we have made possible that this Joomla Template can not have any images for decoration. All the layout and decoration part is done with pure CSS. Also, taking feature from the marvelous IceSpeed plug-in that is inside the package, we are very sure that your users won't even notice the page loading time of your website.

The IT Newsy 2 template is manly built for websites that have a large amount of content and a long list of categories and articles within. So, in this case what would do better the job than one of the best ever built Joomla Extension?!. Yes... You are right. We have featured the K2 extension, which is optimized and modified to suit the layout of the template.

Also for this Joomla Template we have modified some of our amazing Joomla Extensions, which you will find inside the package, like the IceTabs,the IceAccordion and the IceCaption modules plus the IceSpeed plugin. With this arsenal of extensions at your fingertips, we are 100% confident that your website will have the ability to stand out from the crowd.

As you have seen and amazed yourself from the Demo site, we are sure that the IT Newsy 2 Joomla Template is your best chose for your next website project



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