[Get] Webkul Multivendor Marketplace for Magento

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Multi vendor Marketplace for Magento - Multi Vendor Marketplace Module will convert your magento store in to an online Marketplace with separate seller /vendor product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating .Magento Multi vendor marketplace will support various addons from payment split to seller vendor auction and from vendor shipping management to vendor's ebay shop connection .Magento multi vendor module works very fine in community ( free ) and enterprise version of magento.Marketplace extension works very fine with all languages (including LTR and RTL ) Marketplace module have multilingual support . Marketplace Support all templates and themes including latest RWD (responsive web design)

Magento Muti Vendor marketplace module works very fine in Magento 1.9 community edition (Free)



Separate seller profile.
Seller can add banner , shop logo custom HTML text.
Seller can add featured / selected product scroller in separate seller profile.
Separate seller's product collection.
Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.
Contact to seller with captcha support.
Different seller commission for every seller.
Back-end admin product assignment for seller account.
category and sub category assignment from seller end.
Seller Dashboard will display the current status of the product account e.g - pending,complete , processing.
TAX management for seller / vendor.
Multiple category selection in tree node structure.
Special price , special price from to special price to.
Stock Availability check.
Ajax check for vendor / seller shop url.
Work with all the themes and templates including responsive templates e.g ultimo.
Review and feedback management for vendors/ sellers.
Product Preview for product approval at admin.
Vendor / Seller and Admin moderation and approval.
Seller / Vendor Enable disable from admin of the store.
Multi Lingual support / All language working including RTL ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left hebrew and arabic).
product Edit and delete with seller profile edit at seller side.
interactive view for seller profile and easy to upload seller logo and banner with colors.
Magento Store owner / Admin Benefit - Using marketplace and its addon there is huge Benefit for the store owner and almost big ecommerce site having a marketplace within their store from etsy to asos from ebay to Amazon to bestbuy . Magento marketplace and its addon provide store owners a complete and state of art online marketplace, here are few points by which store owner can benifit a lot

Store owner can earn huge amount of commission as marketplace module provides very flexible commission system and even by using marketplace advance commission addon admin can set any kind of commission scheme from global to per vendor commission and also based on per product category .
Using magento marketplace with membership addon admin can setup a membership site and can provide various range of membership like sliver gold and platinum and many more custom groups
Price comparison is very hot and almost a key factor to win the marketplace , marketplace module with addon price comparison provides this feature by which very same product can be added by multiple sellers using different price and quantity like amazon or bestbuy
Huge Traffic and more sales conversion - you will get huge traffic and more sales conversion after converting your store in to marketplace reason is pretty simple as you ( store owner ) will provide space for other merchants to add the product within your store it will increase no of products , more social media share and more options for buyer
Magento Store Seller / Vendor Benefit -putting your product in a marketplace is always a plus for vendor / seller or small shop owners so its huge benefit for them to increase the sales conversion by adding their product in to a branded marketplace . Using marketplace like webkul vendor will have all the details for his / her order , shipping and payment also seller have all the access of their product so they can manage their products and inventory either its a digital marketplace or global marketplace

Magento marketplace supported addons list http://marketplace.webkul.com/add-ons/magento/





  1. 2017-06-30 6:25
    sona srivastava

    I have recently had dealing with Webkul, a WEB IT solutions provider, and they have delivered an exceptional
    value as well as performance in integrating their solution to our site.The guys at Webkul are extremely
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  2. 2017-05-03 20:37

    Hi website admin your link is not working for downloading webkul magento extension
    https://mega.co.nz/#!c54iib5A!Mg5fmmNtteh6Qbu1Pf0-oBXZ2IXEx_nfXZnYCPeVsNA kindly
    update the link which is working for download thanks

  3. 2017-04-22 17:05
    Omar K

    Hello everyone. Webkul is a scam. I bought the Webkul marketplace for prestahop and after 2–1/2 years
    it can not be launched. Webkul does not care about their clients and only wants your money. My modules can
    not be fully translated and the issues are inside the code so in order to fix this i have to pay for extended
    support period. They release incomplete modules so you can pay again for the next fix. Once you buy a new
    module it turns out it is not compatible with previous versions so you have to pay again for every module you
    have already purchased in order to upgrade one module. They force you to pay for maintainance fees per module
    if you want the fixes. Webkul is a scam!

  4. 2015-10-15 1:18
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  10. 2015-09-15 8:43
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  13. 2015-07-21 19:00

    Don't buy from Webkul. They are bloody fake people. You guys have to pay a lot of money to them and still
    you don't get what you want. Please be aware of those scammers. There are lot of other best
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  14. 2015-07-21 18:59

    Don't buy from Webkul. They are bloody fake people. You guys have to pay a lot of money to them and still
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  15. 2015-07-09 18:58

    i m using webkul with prestashop worksout pretty good for sellers,no problem in listings and seller addresses
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  16. 2015-06-10 11:15
    Webkul Marketplace for Magento

    i agree with previous comment this is the one reason why i dont recomment webkul marketplace. if you will use
    a module webkul marketplace then why you choose magento. with webkul marketplace magento loose all those
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  17. 2015-06-03 15:30

    Webkul multi vendor marketplace is a fake multi vendor marketplace. It allows only to create multi shops but
    everythings ends there. Chechout procedure is done using admin's address as shipping origin , not
    sellers' address, it's impossible to calculate the shipping fares even if the cart has products of
    only one seller. Immagine the mess if in the cart there are products of several sellers. Alle the modules
    webkul propose to fix these lacks do not give a solution to this big problem. To have all the features of a
    true multi vendor marketplace, you have to install a lot of plugins that make the total final price higher
    than the 1650 usd of unirgy module. But be aware, there is no solution concerning calculation of shipping
    fares sorted on the shipping origins of the vendors.

  18. 2015-05-18 17:52

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  19. 2015-05-17 17:34
    webkul marketplace nulled

    link doesnt work. please upload it again...

  20. 2015-05-16 15:18
    Installing magento marketplace

    installing magento, Installing multivendor marketplace, the last weeks, we have been searching for a
    freelancer who can help us bringing the site online but unfortunatelly there have only been eather cheaters or
    people who had no idea what they are doing. so we are very frustrated as nothing's going on and our
    knowledge is not enough to fix some problems/errors or do changes in the layout. therefore we would
    need someone who can handle/help us with these 5 steps: 1. New Installation (if necessary) of
    Magento marketplace, as there are also some (minor) problems with eather the (austrian)
    magento installation or the ultimo theme. some links on the frontpage and some language fileds in the backend
    at the attributes are twice. we dont want to add vendor attributes or upload something, before we dont know
    if we may loose all the work if there is a new installation necessary. 2. Creating the Vendor
    Login-Form, Vendor Attributes, Vendor Add Product Form and Adding (empty) additional Pages
    (Content and/or items come always from us) 3. Helping us with all the Settings which we want to
    make by ourselves (Payment Getaways, Shipping,Taxes and so on) 4. Design/Layout/Logo,
    Layout Vendor Login and Layout Vendor Add Product Form 5. Vendor Sliders, Banners and Boxes for the
    Stores So my question is - if someone can help us there. i would like to create the international
    and the austrian store as fast as possible and get online only with the austrian store as soon as possible.
    for me it's more important to get further with the project, so i'm willing to pay more and do at
    least little steps, than to do nothing. Please, just let me know if someone can do
    this! mariakepele@yahoo.com

  21. 2015-05-16 14:06

    To Whom it may concern: i'm looking for anyone who can help us about Magento Marketplace
    multivendor. I am writing to see if you have a program for students or and type of discounts available for
    students. The reason I ask is I am the team leader in our Entrepreneurship class here at the University of
    Phoenix and we have a business idea for our class project that involves building a marketplace website.
    Class Project: The class project is over the next 6 weeks and we have to build a full, working business
    that can be presented to the class along with a summary business plan, marketing plan, financial projections,
    and for this business idea, and website. The website will not go live on a full webpage for the public to make
    purchasers, but it will be visible to the classmates and professors. The Business Concept: We are
    looking to build out a marketplace for college artist (painters, photographers, and so on) to help
    college students make money and sell their art. Website Build: We are looking to build the marketplace
    off Magento as we have 2 team members that have experience with the Magento platform, we are in no way coders
    to build the whole site from scratch. This is where we would like to use some of your plugins for Magento to
    build out the website as we only have 6 weeks beginning 05/11/15 to get the concept up. We
    currently have a budget of $300 and we might be able to get more to create the website, with full
    functionality, and a total budget of $650 that we have collectively put together for the collateral and
    all other project related costs. If there is a way we can use some of your software, for this project it would
    be great. Who knows, if the business idea is good, and viable after we get things up and running, we may take
    the business live and we would be able to pay for the full price. Please let us know if there is anything you
    can do to help us with our project. mail: us200@york.ac.uk

  22. 2015-05-13 1:53
    Better than webkul

    if you are looking a good marketplace solution for magento i have one better than apptha marketplace, i
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  23. 2015-05-12 18:35
    Unirgy Multivendor marketplace

    Unirgy Multivendor Marketplace is so far the Best!!! pay 10,000usd and buy unirgy marketplace.
    it is reasonable price for its quality. Starting at the high end this is one of the largest and most
    expensive extensions available on the marketplace. Costs range from 1,700 dolars up to over 9,000 dolars if
    all the modules and support options are chosen. Unirgy uMarketplace Suite® is an answer that empowers a
    Magento store to go about as a commercial center for items from various merchants, similar to Amazon
    Marketplace for instance. It permits the Magento store to rundown items from various merchants, empowering
    those sellers to rundown and oversee their own particular stock and to pass the requests specifically through
    to the sellers. It likewise gives a system to the Store Owner to take commissions on the deals. Unirgy give a
    breakdown of the usefulness at their site, alongside item features and access to the documentation A few
    territories of usefulness merit discussing in more detail.. The item is extremely configurable. Different
    sellers can be setup effectively and the design of every one changed to match your business concurrence with
    that seller, covering commission rates, shipping approaches and costs, marking, client inquiries, returns,
    notices and so forth. Unirgy uMarketplace Suite® offers various additional items to the fundamental item
    to augment the usefulness significantly further. A full rundown of them can be found here. While these include
    further cost, the simplicity of organization and ensured similarity with the principle augmentation makes them
    worth considering. We've as of late used more than 50% of the accessible additional items for one of
    our customers. In conclusion documentation. This is the one territory where I think Unirgy uMarketplace
    Suite® could improve work. The drawback of having a highlight rich and configurable stage is that there is a
    long way to go and their online documentation isn't up to the assignment. There's an absence of
    logical data and samples to permit you to get the most out of the item. Fortunately online backing is great,
    yet it would be better all round if Unirgy put some more exertion in documentation Geniuses: Simple to
    introduce – Unirgy uMarketplace Suite® make utilization they could call their own installer that will
    consequently check for redesigns. The bundle is ensured utilizing the ionCube PHP Encoder that is genuinely
    direct to introduce and appears to work faultlessly in our arrangements. Direct authorizing – a standard
    permit for one server that likewise incorporates permitting for improvement and test servers – simply verify
    you state which servers you require at buy. Heaps of extra modules that are sensibly evaluated and some
    are without given under clients support. Extremely configurable. Support from preand post deals –
    Unirgy is by all accounts an organization with adequate assets to backing their clients. The majority of our
    preand post deals inquiries have been addressed in spite of the fact that time-zone contrasts regularly
    make a 24-hr delay. Consistent upgrades – The item and the additional items haven't been left to
    decay. Late overhauls have settled minor issues and amplified the usefulness considerably further. Takes
    after suggested Magento advancement hones -This implies that in the event that you are open to amplifying
    the center Magento stage you'll have no issue broadening the Unirgy uMarketplace Suite®. Functions
    admirably with different subjects an Cons: Introductory price tag is high – this may not be proper
    for arrangements that don't utilize most or the greater part of the usefulness accessible. Poor
    documentation. Befuddling buy process – we wound up requiring an extra module, in spite of the fact that
    the charge was waived. Drop transportation rates setup is complex – ineffectively portrayed and hard to
    adjust by means of the administrator interface. 24hr postponement for bolster reactions – by means of
    email and discussion just. Bolster gathering out-dated – just permits pictures to be appended on
    creation, making complex issues harder to Rundown: We got some information about their evaluating of
    Unirgy uMarkeplace Suite® and were informed that one gathering of their clients believe its excessively
    lavish whilst the other gathering consider how they can offer it so inexpensively. So is Unirgy
    uMarketplace Suite® worth the expense of affirmation? So far our impression is a resonating YES! In
    the event that you are looking to manufacture a commercial center arrangement taking into account Magento it
    gives a strong stage to expand upon. It's speedy to actualize, configurable and effectively extendable
    when needed. It may appear to be extravagant yet we, and our customers, trust it to be exceptionally
    financially savv

  24. 2015-05-11 14:13
    About webkul marketplace

    if you consider to buy webkul marketplace, you have to pay1,000-2,000usd for improving it as you want.
    support period is short and it is possible to find any bug after 3 month later. and there is no payment refund
    policy if you dont satisfy about webkul marketplace. in my opinion, consider to buy from a company who offer
    %100 satisfaction guaranteed. if you have money buy unirgy because it is really powerful, i watch their
    videos. i'm impressed.

  25. 2015-05-09 9:21

    anyone has an idea which is best? anyone can share it? i read that webkul marketplace support is good. i m
    looking for where I can have separate details of seller, seller products and more than that. i want to convert
    magento into marketplace.

  26. 2015-05-05 22:59

    link doesnt work! please share again. i dont care it is good or not. free will be good :)

  27. 2015-05-05 22:26
    jimmy moriarty

    i'm thinking about webkul marketplace but i read a negative review about webkul marketplace. any more
    review about it? "We have received numerous reports from our readers about the horrible support and
    broken function of this plugin,so this plugin is no longer recommended and links are redirected to the best
    alternative" http://www.multivendorshoppingcarts.com/magento-marketplace-module-

  28. 2015-05-03 19:02

    i am searching for a multiple seller webshop, where every seller do also have an own page to introduce
    themself. That "seller" page must also has his own domain. The sellers are also on more than one
    locations with the same products. So locations are also important because on every location are multiple
    sellers. For each location there should also be a page connected also to there own domain. If somebody has
    experience with this or know which product should support this please let me know!

  29. 2015-05-03 18:36

    I have a specific project and would like to build a website of marketplace and multivendor(similar to
    eatsy.com). I bought a multivendor module for magento (webkul marketplace) but I’m not
    satisfied and I lost my money. So, at the moment I’m valueing a different solution. I wanted to buy Aphtha
    Multivendor (I thought that it was a right choice for me) but i have read some negative reviews about
    it My vendor will have a personal shop-showcase (fully managed by them). But sale’s moneys
    will be taken directly from vendors through paypal platform (so I haven’t
    responsability). Therefore, I WON'T COMMISIIONS on sales at the beginning but Vendors will pay me
    only the annual SUBSCRIPTION FEE for the "rent of shop". But, the fee must be only for vendors and
    not for buyers so, is necessary have a different registration process for vendors and buyers. Besides, I
    must have a control on my site and shops and have a dashboard where I can see and verify all things that
    happen in my site, and have a report of sales, ecc.. . Could somebody indicate and suggest me the best
    solution? is there any magento marketplace module satisfy my requests? is there any magento marketplace
    module which is highly configurable? What is the difference between webkul marketplace and unirgy
    umarketplace? Any more good solution except unirgy and webkul? I had a bad experience with a developer
    (fraud) and now I won't to be wrong.

  30. 2015-05-03 12:37
    Hurriyet Bandabulyacı

    webkul marketplace is not feature rich as unirgy. i think best is unirgy umarketplace. if i compare webkul
    marketplace to unirgy umarketplace, so far best is unirgy umarketplace. webkul marketplace is for beginners
    who dont expect too much functinality. webkul is not so professional. i discussed it with many developer, all
    developers agree with me. go with unirgy, if you cant buy unirgy then go with vnecoms marketplace. i dont
    recommend webkul marketplace. dont waste your money.

  31. 2015-05-01 10:29

    hello bastered why are u saying webkul is not good fuck off sala madharchod bhosdi ka

  32. 2015-03-11 0:29
    best magento marketplace

    Trust me, i have 4 or 5 marketplace module. i know all their pros and cons. i dont prefer to use webkul
    marketplace on my websites. actually it is up to your requirements. if you contact me i can explain all
    details. mohonzo@yahoo.com skype is: mohonzo

  33. 2015-03-10 23:51
    About webkul marketplace

    why do you think webkul multi vendor is not good? i have read some good and bad reviews about it. is there
    any alternative better than webkul marketplace? Unirgy umarketplace probaply is best. but it is expensive and
    encrypted. so you can use it only for one domain. webkul marketplace is open source but i'm not sure
    whether it is useful. do you recommend any other?

  34. 2015-02-25 22:56
    Webkul Marketplace for Magento

    Hello, why you want webkul? i can recommend you another marketplace module. there is another one, i use it
    on my website. it has a lot of feature that webkul dont have and more than 30 addons. dont waste your time
    with webkul me. contact me for real marketplace and lets discuss how to deal. i have a great solution and 20
    addons for you. mohonzo@yahoo.com skype id: mohonzo

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